What do trees mean to you?

12 January 2017
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The Mersey Forest is home to 1.7m people – many living in dense urban areas where tree planting has made a huge difference to quality of life since we began in 1991.

charter_logo.pngTrees and woodlands bring enormous benefits to people across Merseyside and North Cheshire – and now we need to hear your views and stories for a major new campaign.


We're standing with 60 organisations, led by the Woodland Trust, to call for a new Charter for Trees, Woods and People. The Charter aims to highlight the value of trees to all of us at a time when many are under threat from development, climate change, pests and more. 

Through collecting stories about what trees and woods mean to people, we are building a picture of their value to everyone in the UK. These stories will be used to create a set of guiding principles, around which the charter will be written. The final Charter for Trees, Woods and People will influence policy and practice and celebrate the role that trees and woods play in our lives.

The new charter will launch on 6 November 2017, the 800th anniversary of the original mediaeval Charter of the Forest.

We're keen that the Charter reflects the voices of people who live within The Mersey Forest. If you live in a place that's seen transformation of derelict land through tree planting, tell your story about what that's meant to you. If you value the trees in your street or your park, if you walk or jog through local woodland, if you've seen your children benefit from contact with trees and nature, please add your voice to the Charter.


You'll be hearing a lot more from us about the Charter during 2017 and we hope you'll get involved.


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