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Trees for Learning

DEFRA are planting one million trees by 2020, engaging children in state primary schools in the planning and planting of new woodlands..

Working with the Woodland Trust, who are leading on delivery targeted at some of the most deprived areas of the country, England's Community Forests are helping to engage schools in their areas. Over the next four years, The Mersey Forest and our sister organisations are planting 164,000 trees in an important programme which helps to deliver our long term Forest Plans.

We are working with primary schools and communities throughout The Mersey Forest, promoting the opportunity to plant a woodland, orchard or individual trees and hedges. The children involved in this exciting project will learn about trees through engaging outdoor learning linked to the national curriculum. We're providing expert design advice, support with planting and ensuring that plans are in place for long-term management and use by children.

By working with primary schools we're able to encourage more outdoor learning in schools, nurture children's connection with nature and increase knowledge and understanding of our trees and woodlands. These planting days provide a connection to nature experience to children, whilst providing real-life context to teach about the health benefits of being in a natural setting and environmental matters such as climate change. We use this experience, with support from the teachers involved, to ensure that the tree planting project is part of a wider, enjoyable, learning experience that supports the new national curriculum and encourages outdoor learning.

Work is already well underway to achieve these targets and in the Spring of 2017 an impressive 35,400 trees were planted.


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