Monitoring our progress

Our vision is to get 'more from trees' to help make Merseyside and North Cheshire one of the best places in the country to live. This page explains how we're progressing against our plans to make the vision a reality.

Our Impact in 2019/20

In 2019/20 we secured £1.6m in funding that helped to create 32 hectares of woodland. Over four thousand people got involved in our work, with 115 public events taking place.

Our plans

All of our work is guided by The Mersey Forest Plan (long-term strategic plan) and The Mersey Forest Delivery Plan (five year action plan). The Mersey Forest team works with a range of partners to help us to achieve our vision.


Our progress

You can read about what the team has been up to in our team reports, which are issued to our Steering Group on a quarterly basis.

January 2021 report | July 2020 report | January 2020 report

Find out more about the projects we're working on by visiting the Our Work section.