The Mersey Forest Plan

Welcome to the web home of The Mersey Forest Plan, the long term and strategic guide to the work of The Mersey Forest team and partners.

We believe that by working together and getting "more from trees", we can make Merseyside and Cheshire one of the best places in the country to live.


To make this happen, we have worked with our core partners and undertaken an extensive community consultation to revitalise The Mersey Forest Plan for the years ahead.


On this page you can download the most up-to-date version of The Mersey Forest Plan, jump straight to key policies or case studies that are of interest to you, or find out about aspirations for your area and add to these by using our interactive map.

Over the next few years we will once again be working with experts and our communities to help refresh the Plan for 2025.  Read more about our plans here.
Read the policy that is most relevant to you
Use the interactive map to see our aspirations for your area and add your comments
Find out how we carried out our community consultation
Find out how we formed our "Where" policies
Read our Delivery Plan, which accompanies The Mersey Forest Plan and sets out our shorter-term activities




Where and what we plant is guided by the woodland cover targets and associated policies on the map below. In all cases, the local context is considered prior to any planting. Use the interactive map to add comments and pins about where you'd like to see more trees in your area.