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Sefton's wooded coastline is one of the jewels of the Mersey Forest. The pine forests are a magical place to visit – and a haven for the endangered red squirrel.

The area is important for wildlife, tourism, timber production and local recreation. Away from the coast, we're encouraging urban tree planting in urban areas around Bootle, Litherland and Maghull.


Where can I visit?

Sefton Meadows Forest Park is a chance to visit a future forest in its early stages. It's a newly planted woodland on a former landfill site with the centrepiece woodland planted in the shape of a barn owl.


Town Lane is another place of transformation. 12,000 trees and shrubs have been planted in this new community woodland, and there's an extensive network of cycle routes, pathways and bridges to explore. Take in the views across Southport and the West Pennines Moors and have a go on the mountain bike skills course.


Sefton Coast Woodlands is whole swathe of beautiful woodlands scattered across the coastal part of Sefton borough near Formby, intermingled with dunes. Check out the National Trust's Freshfield Reserve and the two National Nature Reserves at Ainsdale and Cabin Hill.


See more woodlands and walks in this area




What's been happening recently?

Our new Nature4Health initiative will use the power of nature to help people give their minds and bodies a boost.


The Mersey Forest has been heavily involved in the management of Sefton's coastal woodlands focusing on preserving the habitat for Formby's native red squirrels, and on building the woodland's resilience to climate change. Children have also been takign part in Forest School as part of Nature4Health.


Read all the latest news about our work in Sefton.


What are the plans for the future?

View The Mersey Forest Plan summary for this area


What can I do to help locally?

Volunteers make a hugely valuable contribution to the management of Sefton's beautiful coast and countryside. Find out more here.


You can also get involved by renting a wood allotment. It's sociable, great exercise and a supreme stress-buster, as well as giving you a supply of locally-sourced firewood.


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