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St Helens

St.Helens is a woodland success story. Trees on former colliery spoil heaps have now matured, forming the fantastic green asset of Bold Forest Park featuring the Dream landmark sculpture.

The industrial past is also a feature of Sankey Valley, a green corridor linking St Helens with neighbouring Warrington.


Where can I visit?

Clockface Colliery Country Park is on the site of a former colliery that once produced over 160,000 tons of coal a year. Now it's 57 acres of woodlands and meadow. Walk down 'Miners Way' and explore the rest of Bold Forest Park.


Colliers Moss Country Park is a beautiful and peaceful place to explore that was once home to a power station. Stroll through the woodland, relax in the ampitheatre and spot bird life on the lagoons. The widespread network of paths ensures good access for walkers, cyclists and horseriders.


Griffin Wood includes both atmospheric mature woodland and brand new woodlands and meadows planted recently by the local community. Follow the sculpture trail and discover a riot of colour when the wildflowers are blooming.


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What's been happening recently?

We've helped make major improvements to Colliers Moss, an important site that's part of Bold Forest Park. Local people have also been boosting their health and wellbeing through our Nature4Health initiative.


Read all the latest news about our work in St Helens.

What are the plans for the future?

View The Mersey Forest Plan summary for this area


What can I do to help locally?

In St Helens, The Mersey Forest works with a number of Friends of the woodland groups who are always keen to welcome new faces to help care for local woodlands:


St Helens (north): Friends of Clinkham, Moss Bank and Carr Mill
St Helens (south): Friends of Colliers Moss, Griffin Wood


Contact us for more details.


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