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Knowsley newsletter, Winter 2012

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The Mersey Forest
Knowsley update / Winter 2012 What is The Mersey Forest?
In this issue
// Welcome
// £10 for every £1 invested: 2011/12 in figures
// Northwood Forest Hills is launched
// Funding secured for Knowsley street trees
// Pex Hill receives £68,000 boost
// Knowsley community woodlands restoration continues
// The Big Tree Plant: supporting 70 groups to dig in this winter
// 1000 reasons why people love their trees
// Ash dieback: region's foresters come together
// Dedicate a tree this Christmas

The widespread media coverage of ash dieback disease has once again highlighted the huge importance that people place upon their trees and woodlands. Thankfully the disease has not been found in the wider environment in the North West as yet, and the public's desire to protect their woodlands will be an important asset in remaining vigilant (see our ash dieback Q&A for more).


The Independent Panel on Forestry has made clear its view that the nation needs more and better woodlands for the benefit of people, the economy and the environment. As we await the government's response to the Panel's recommendations in the New Year, we look forward to an action-packed winter here in The Mersey Forest – planting thousands of trees to transform neighbourhoods across the local area as part of The Big Tree Plant.

Cllr Eddie Connor
Member for The Mersey Forest, Knowsley Council
Pat McCloskey
Chair, The Mersey Forest Partnership
2011/12 in figures
Every £1 invested
creates £10 impact

The Mersey Forest continues to provide great value for money, especially in the current economic climate. Local authorities gained £10 worth of green projects for every £1 they invested in The Mersey Forest in 2011/12.


The annual contribution of £18,609 per authority led to the delivery of £1.5 million of projects right here on our doorsteps thanks to the way The Mersey Forest Team levers in extra funds.

Knowsley highlights

7239 trees planted in Knowsley to increase the area's tree cover.

150 hectares of woodland has been managed to secure its future.

282 street trees planted to enhance Knowsley's neighbourhoods.

Latest local news
Northwood Forest Hills is launched

The transformed Northwood Forest Hills community woodland has been officially launched, following three years of improvements at the site.

Funding secured for Knowsley street trees

The Mersey Forest has secured £0.5 million as part of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund for street tree planting in Knowsley and other targeted areas of Merseyside.

Pex Hill receives £68,000 boost

Cronton's Pex Hill Country Park is receiving a green makeover thanks to funding secured by The Mersey Forest and The Conservation Volunteers.

Knowsley community woodlands restoration continues

This year has seen nine of Knowsley's 44 community woodlands transformed into hubs for outdoor activity and access to nature, following fundraising successes of over £1 million.

Forest-wide news
The Big Tree Plant: 70 groups to dig in this winter

Dozens more schools and community groups will be planting trees with The Mersey Forest this winter to brighten the local area as part of The Big Tree Plant campaign.

1000 reasons why people love their trees

We asked which local woods people love and where they'd like to see more trees planted. We're feeding the public's fantastic response into the refresh of our guiding Forest Plan.

Ash dieback: region's foresters come together

More than 120 North West based woodland professionals attended an ash dieback information meeting this week, organised by us on behalf of the Regional Forestry Forum.

Dedicate a tree this Christmas

Stuck for Christmas present ideas? More than 15,000 trees in local community woodlands have been dedicated as gifts as part of our Dedicate a Tree project.

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