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Residents dig in at Glazebury play area

20 January 2014
Glazebury residents dug deep to continue the development of a local natural play area.
docx iconView glazebury release.docx press release (20.56 KB)

School orchard takes root

16 December 2013
Pupils at Holy Cross Catholic Primary School are set to sow the seeds for a new school orchard this winter, as part of National Tree Week.
pdf iconView 13-10 School orchard takes root.pdf press release (24.73 KB)

PRESS RELEASE: Womenís centre plants 'fruit route' to success

26 November 2013
A Birkenhead womenís centre is brightening up its grounds this winter with the addition of several new fruit trees.
pdf iconView TWW tree planting.pdf PDF (25.39 KB)

PRESS RELEASE: Church Wood receives green boost

15 November 2013
Whitegate volunteers have given a local woodland a green makeover as part of an effort to encourage people to spend more time in the woods.
pdf iconView Church wood receives green boost.pdf press release (18.45 KB)

PRESS RELEASE: Birkenhead park set for green makeover

13 November 2013
A Birkenhead park is set to be given a green facelift as part of a new project coordinated by The Mersey Forest.
pdf iconView 13-11 Ilchester park grant received.pdf press release (30.73 KB)

PRESS RELEASE: Ellesmere Port residents have their say on tree planting

24 October 2013
Westminster residents had their say on plans to plant dozens of street trees in the area last week.
pdf iconView 13-10 Westminster residents have their say on tree planting.pdf press release (17.16 KB)

PRESS RELEASE: Halton's green spaces help us feel good outside

11 September 2013
A new series of events in some of Haltonís most popular parks and gardens are running from now until Christmas, and will give people the opportunity to boost their health and wellbeing as well as enjoying the fresh air and the changing autumn colours.
pdf iconView NAHS press release round 2.pdf press release (159.07 KB)

PRESS RELEASE: Walk on the wild side - Halton residents encouraged to explore green spaces

21 August 2013
Halton residents are being urged to take part in a programme of green health and fitness activities starting from September.
pdf iconView NaHS press release comment KR.pdf press release (41.50 KB)

PRESS RELEASE: Birkenhead residents have their say on tree planting

15 August 2013
Birkenhead residents have been having their say on a tree planting scheme that is set to transform their estate later in the year.
pdf iconView Birkenhead residents have their say on tree planting.pdf press release (18.11 KB)

PRESS RELEASE: Wirral students prepare site for tree-planting

23 July 2013
Wirral students are celebrating the completion of a project to improve a barren piece of land on Canning Street in Birkenhead.
pdf iconView Prince%27s Trust team Canning St.pdf press release (49.74 KB)

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