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Displaying documents relating to timber and bioenergy
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The Mersey Forest Plan

14 May 2014
The Mersey Forest Plan, refreshed as of 2014.
PDF iconView The Mersey Forest Plan PDF

Case study: Sefton Coast and Countryside Service

05 February 2014
Sefton Council's Coast and Countryside Service, in conjunction with numerous partners, has increased its efficiency and sustainability thanks to new forestry equipment for its inclusion programme.
pdf iconView sefton coast and countryside service icep case study.pdf case study (1.84 MB)

Wood allotment launches at Spud Wood

30 January 2014
A wood allotment has been set up in Spud Wood, Lymm, to enable people to harvest their own woodfuel.
pdf iconView Wood allotments launch at Spud Wood.pdf press release (39.94 KB)

PRESS RELEASE: Local MP launches plan for greener future in Warrington

27 January 2014
Warrington North MP Helen Jones launched a new plan for green spaces in Merseyside and North Cheshire in Warrington last week.
pdf iconView The Mersey Forest Plan launch local release.pdf press release (27.74 KB)

PRESS RELEASE: Sefton volunteers turn timber into woodland products

25 March 2013
Local volunteers and apprentices are helping to transform spare timber from trees felled
in Sefton’s coastal woodlands into countryside products.
pdf iconView 12-03 Sefton coastal woodland products.pdf press release (20.13 KB)

Woody biomass phytoremediation of contaminated brownfield land

15 January 2013
Woody biomass phytoremediation of contaminated brownfield land, by Christopher J. French, Nicholas M. Dickinson and Philip D. Putwain
pdf iconView French, Christopher et al - Woody Biomass Phytoremediation of Contaminated Brownfield Land.pdf PDF document (4.96 MB)

PRESS RELEASE: Sefton woodland work given the green light

23 October 2012
Work scheduled to take place on Sefton’s coastal woodlands has been given the green light, after being postponed last year due to time constraints.
pdf iconView 12-10 Sefton woodland work given green light.pdf press release (44.91 KB)

PRESS RELEASE: Cheshire volunteers come in from the cold at Trafford Mill

16 October 2012
Cheshire conservation volunteers are receiving a warm welcome at their county head quarters in Mickle Trafford following the installation of an environmentally friendly wood heating system, thanks to help from The Mersey Forest
pdf iconView 12-10-05 Cheshire volunteers get a warm welcome at Trafford Mill (Local release).pdf press release (91.04 KB)

Grants leaflet for landowners

15 October 2012
Our two-page leaflet explaining how landowners and land managers could receive up to £4,800 per hectare to plant woodland on their land, and how The Mersey Forest can provide support and advice.
pdf iconView woodland_grants_2012.pdf leaflet (2.11 MB)

The Mersey Forest - 20 years on

14 May 2012
Presented as a keynote at the 15th European Forum in Urban Forestry, this presentation gives a glimpse of the work of The Mersey Forest Partnership to date and a look ahead at the Wirral Waters project.
pdf iconView The Mersey Forest - 20 years on.pdf The Mersey Forest - 20 years on (2.43 MB)

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