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Displaying documents relating to timber and bioenergy
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Easy deployment of biomass heating systems - Toolkit for the public sector

27 April 2012
A step by step guide for energy and facility managers who want to start deploying biomass heating systems
PDF iconView PDF

Renewable Heat Incentive Calculator

15 February 2012
Use this simple calculator to find out what kind of financial returns you might expect from installing a biomass boiler as opposed to a fossil fuel equivalent.
Webpage iconView Webpage

Our Forests - a vision for England's woods and forests

13 January 2012
Vision document by Our Forests, the 'ginger group' of leading environmentalists, professional foresters and grassroots campaigners. The vision advocates "replicating the community woods of the Mersey Forest around a further 50 urban fringes".
pdf iconView our-forests-vision.pdf Our Forests vision (1.23 MB)

Seeing the wood for the trees - the Forestry Review and why it matters

22 June 2011
The Mersey Forest's paper on the government's Forestry Review. This contribution to the debate considers the future of forests under three headings: forestry for community, forestry for commerce and forestry for climate.
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PRESS RELEASE: Renewable Heat Incentive calculator launched

22 June 2011
The Mersey Forest has launched an online calculator to help businesses and consumers explore the financial and carbon benefits of switching to a biomass boiler to take advantage of the government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).
PDF iconView Calculator launched.pdf PDF

Cheshire and Warrington Off Gas Grid Heating Study 2011

15 February 2011
These two reports look at the potential of biomass heating in areas of Cheshire and Warrington that are off the "mains gas" network. They include some very interesting modeling and rural heat density mapping.
pdf iconView Off Gas Grid Final Public.pdf Off Gas Grid Study Part 2 (1.70 MB) | pdf iconView offgasgridstudy_final.pdf Off Gas Grid Study Part 1 (3.05 MB)

A future for community forests

12 January 2011
A contribution to the debate on the future of England's woodlands, prepared by Julian Dobson for The Mersey Forest.
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Woody Biomass Fuel Supply in England's North West - Directory 2010

15 December 2010
This directory was produced for Envirolink Northwest by The Mersey Forest. It is aimed at the commercial rather than the domestic sector. It gives details of over 30 suppliers of wood fuel and biomass throughout the region.
pdf iconView NW Biomass Fuel Directory 2010.pdf NW Biomass Fuel Directory 2010 (1.21 MB)

PRESS RELEASE: Woodland planting couple visited by MP

16 November 2010
New woodland supported by The Mersey Forest is visited by Helen Jones MP.
PDF iconView woodland MP visit.pdf PDF

MOREwoods leaflet on grants for tree planting

13 July 2010
Leaflet promoting MOREwoods in The Mersey Forest. MOREwoods is a Woodland Trust project to provide funding for tree planting.
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