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Case study shows impact of landscape fund

04 July 2014

 A new case study, released by The Mersey Forest today, shows the impact of the St.Helens Landscape Fund project on St.Helens' woodlands and green space. 


The St.Helens Landscape Fund was a Section 106 contribution provided by United Utilities as a result of the construction of the West East Link pipeline, which runs between Prescot and Bury. 


The fund has been managed by The Mersey Forest and has funded 25 greening projects in St.Helens. 


The case study demonstrates how this project has transformed a large area of the borough. To read it, click on the link below. 


For more information, visit 

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Section 106 case study: United Utilities
04 July 2014
The St.Helens Landscape Fund came from a Section 106 contribution from United Utilities, as a result of the West East Link pipeline being built between Prescot and Bury. The Mersey Forest has managed this fund and it has been used by a multitude of pro...
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