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Launch of Warrington's Big Tree Plant

16 January 2012

A four-year tree planting drive to create a greener, healthier Warrington has been launched. Local residents and members of Grappenhall and Thelwall Parish Council dug in at a rain-drenched planting morning at the recently revamped Euclid Park to kick off Warrington's part in The Big Tree Plant, the national campaign to get more people planting and caring for trees.


Locally the campaign has set aside £255,000 over the next four years to support tree planting and get people involved in their environment across North Cheshire and Merseyside. The funding for the local area was secured by The Mersey Forest who will use the cash to help community groups and schools to brighten their neighbourhoods with new street trees, woodlands and mini-orchards – starting with hundreds of trees to be planted across Warrington this winter.


Warrington South MP David Mowat took part in the tree planting and said: "The benefits of creating a well-wooded landscape are there for all to see – from providing places to relax and stay fit and healthy, to providing habitat for wildlife, to helping fight climate change. It's excellent to see this new campaign continuing the greening of Warrington's landscape that's already been achieved as part of The Mersey Forest."


He was joined by the Mayor of Warrington, Cllr Mike Biggin, who is Warrington's member for The Mersey Forest and has been involved in the Euclid Park project from the start. He said: "Across the country The Big Tree Plant is aiming to help people plant 1 million trees by 2015. It's great to be part of launching Warrington's contribution, and what better place to do so than at Euclid Park, one of the town's most recent green success stories."

The trees planted at Euclid Park – which were co-funded by The Woodland Trust through their MOREwoods project – will add to spring's revamp of the park, and included fruit trees such as a special variety of sweet chestnuts which will produce nuts for the community to harvest.


Thanks to funding secured by The Mersey Forest and Grappenhall and Thelwall Parish Council from the Play Pathfinder Programme, the previously drab and uninteresting park has been brought to life this year with a 'natural play' area of logs for children to clamber upon, new buggy and bicycle-friendly paths, new trees, more colourful shrubs, new seating and a community orchard.


Big Tree Plant complements the work of ForeStClim – an EU-funded environmental project that looks at forests and climate change across North West Europe. The majority of Big Tree Plant planting schemes focus on urban areas of high deprivation, which are lacking in green space and are therefore most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

People interested in getting involved in The Big Tree Plant can contact us or visit the national Big Tree Plant website.



Your comments:

Cllr Geoff Settle 19/04/2012 07:21

Hi Jean,
I am Warrington new Mersey Forest member.
I would just like to add that I have been a member of the Friends of Peel Hall Park for the last 2 years and seen a tremendous change in the park.
I remember the many times that I have had to call out street scene to get fly tipping removed, dragged stuff out of the small ponds for collection, rung up about burnt out cars and general litter. The antisocial behaviour has reduced a great deal, the horse trail re-instated and the new toddler's area is currently being installed.
I remember the young children of St Bridget's writing to the Mayor and complaining bitterly about the litter. The helped clear it and once that was gone they came back and planted hundreds of bulbs. There has always been an issue about parent parking on Capesthorne Road outside the primary school and I have written numerous letters to the school and asked why parents don't use the car par but opposite. Now the car park is visible parents are beginning to use it.
As Chair of Warrington Nature Conservation Forum and local ward councillor I wear a couple of hats and always try to get a balance in an urban environment.
I believe that the work that the Friends of Peel Hall have instigated has revived the Park, which had deteriorated, and helped ease community problems. The large amount of young people playing and burning off some excess energy is in part a testament to the projects. The school has also throughout got involved with events and initiatives such as the lantern walks, creation of their nature trail and other things like are coming up like the annual July Peel Hall Park Fun Day.
Cllr Geoff Settle

The Mersey Forest 08/03/2012 08:31

Here is Warrington Borough Council's reply:

Peel Hall Park Tree Felling

The thinning works in Peel Hall Park are as a direct result of consultation feedback from the community. Warrington Borough Council works in partnership with the Friends of Peel Hall Park to make the park a safe and welcoming place for local children and adults alike.

The car park area was a magnet for antisocial behaviour. This included daily fly tipping occurrences and day time drugs misuse approximately 100 meters from St Bridget's Primary School

Cheshire Police were asked for support and advice; they strongly recommended that the tree screens were removed to allow surveillance of the Park from Blackbrook Avenue and Capesthorne Road.

The friends group with the assistance of the council have created new play facilities for local children aged 10 years and over. The group have also secured monies to build a new toddler's play area due to be constructed this year.

We trust that this response explains the background to the works currently being undertaken in the Park.

The Mersey Forest 06/03/2012 13:05

Thanks for your comment Ms Hall - as discussed with you on email, this has been forwarded to Warrington Borough Council for them to advise.

jean hall 28/02/2012 07:09

This is a joke..hundreds of trees being felled in North Warrington (this is still ongoing) for no proper reason that I have been given as yet. Peel park has been destroyed. Where will it end? When are the council going to replace these trees? Or is it just for the privileged over the water in Thelwall etc.!!
I would appreciate a proper explanation please...

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PRESS RELEASE: "Launch of Warrington's Big Tree Plant"
16 January 2012
A four-year tree planting drive to create a greener, healthier Warrington was launched at a planting morning at the recently revamped Euclid Park.
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