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Orchard provides central hub for community

30 November 2021

  • Volunteers on planting day at Cotebrook Orchard
  • Cotebrook Orchard
In early 2021 Cheshire West and Chester Council's Total Environment Team were contacted by Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council to look at a few projects in the village. One of these was to create a small orchard on a piece of land in the village where there were already a couple of apple trees.

Following a visit by the team to assess the site, it was agreed that a small orchard with a variety of fruit trees would be suitable for the location.

Using a variety of funding, including some sourced through the Trees For Climate programme, 14 fruit trees, including damson, plum, pear and a number of Cheshire apple varieties, were provided for the half hectare site.

The Parish Council organised for a group of volunteers to plant the trees in late February and one of Cheshire West and Chester Council's rangers attended the session to provide the tools and training to explain how to plant and fit the guards provided.

The trees were sourced from a local nursery and were already flowering by May.

Councillr Jason Hughes, from Uktinton and Cotebrook Parish Council, said: "The creation of the new Cotebrook Community Orchard will undoubtedly lead to a new central hub for all to enjoy, this new focal point in our parish will be utilised to its fullest potential with which I will happily keep you informed of future developments."

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