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Seaforth gets an injection of green

23 March 2012

South Seaforth residents are celebrating the planting of 80 new street trees in their local area this spring with a community tree planting event on Saturday 31st March.

As part of the project, local residents were consulted by The Mersey Forest and Sefton Council's Parks and Green Spaces team using tools like Visualise 2D (used to create the image above) to gauge demand for the trees. Residents were asked whether they would get involved in watering them, and what types of trees they would like to see planted.

The positive response from residents meant that 80 street trees have now been planted on the green spaces of Verdi Street and Caradoc Street, and the pavements of Seaforth Road and Church Road. The trees will improve air quality by absorbing pollutants, provide valuable habitat for wildlife, and make the neighbourhood an even better place to live.

To top off the area's spring transformation, residents are invited to a community tree planting afternoon from 12.30pm to 3pm on Saturday 31st March to create new copses on the Dogtrack Field green space (also known as "The Doggy"). Wildflowers will also be planted by local school children to create a pleasant walking environment for all residents of the local area.


Funding for the project has been provided by Section 106 monies provided by local development through Sefton Council, the national Big Tree Plant campaign, and the Forestry Commission through their Setting the Scene for Growth programme funded by the Northwest Regional Development Agency.

Your comments:

Tom Frame 26/03/2012 09:27

i think the streets look so much nicer

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