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Volunteer group help plant and care for thousands of trees

30 November 2021

  • Volunteer at Leasowe Loop
  • Newly planted trees at Leasowe Loop
  • Tree at Leasowe Loop site
The Mersey Forest Team have been working closely with Wirral Council and the Wallasey Tree Planting Group providing trees for Council-owned land along the Leasowe Loop, a parcel of land formerly used as a horse grazing site within a link road.

We work in partnership with local authorities across Merseyside and Cheshire and have been supporting Wirral Council to identify suitable land to plant trees, as part of the Council's Tree, Hedgerow and Woodland Strategy which aims to double Wirral's tree canopy over the next ten years by planting 210,000 trees.  

On this site just under a hectare of land was prepared and planted by Wirral Council. A mixture of coniferous, shrub and native softwood trees were planted using funding provided through the Trees for Climate programme.
The community have also been instrumental to the success of this project and over 80 volunteer days were organised over a five-month period by the Wallasey Tree Planting Group, ensuring the trees were protected, mulched and weeded. Training and support have been provided by The Mersey Forest Team for these sessions.

Besides the obvious benefits of improving air quality and reducing noise pollution, the trees will be a valuable carbon store and provide a haven for biodiversity – addressing Wirral's Climate Emergency challenge.

The site has had many challenges with weeds around the saplings growing at a phenomenal rate during the warm and wet spring/summer. A team of volunteers has turned up most weekends to help tackle these with training support and tools provided by The Mersey Forest Team. The group intends to take the planting challenge to new sites in the coming years using trees they are growing at their nearby nursery site.

In total over 4,300 trees were planted on this site. When fully established, it is estimated that these will store an estimated 291 tonnes of carbon over 100 years.

To find out more about community planting and volunteering session in Wirral, visit: 
Wirral Council's community tree planting web page.
The Wallasey Tree Planting Group's Facebook page.

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