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Winner of our Chester Zoo draw and big thanks to all map voters

26 September 2012

Well done to Sarah Tandy who has won our prize draw as part of our summer-long campaign to find out which woods you love and where you would like to see more trees planted. Sarah added The Woodland Trust's Seeds Plantation as her favourite woodland on our interactive people-powered map and can now enjoy a pair of tickets to Chester Zoo as her prize.


We'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to the fantastic total of more than 1000 votes and comments which were added to the map over the course of the campaign, covering more than 300 different locations. You told us about more than 200 places where you appreciate trees and woodlands, as well as over 100 suggestions of where you'd like to see more planted or improved management.

We're now eagerly analysing the whole lot as part of our upcoming refresh of the long-term Mersey Forest Plan which guides our work to create a well-wooded, healthy and prosperous Merseyside and North Cheshire.

Even though the competition is now closed, we are planning to keep the interactive map "live" as a long-term resource, so if you've not done so already, visit the map to check it out and add your own comments.


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