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Our work - Culture and landscape

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We want a new culture around trees and woodlands that emphasises their usefulness to society. We also want to see our woodlands emerge as a venue for greater cultural activity.

We can help to achieve this through engaging communities by integrating landscape, heritage, and the arts into the design, planting and management of trees and woodlands.

Culture and landscape projects:


The Mersey Forest has been working alongside a range of partners to showcase and conserve Cheshire's rich salt-mining history. Read more about Saltscape
101704_Pinewoods F 2

Sefton Coastal Woodlands

The Mersey Forest has helped 27 landowners in Sefton to take a joined-up approach towards the management of Sefton Coast Woodlands. Read more about Sefton Coastal Woodlands
Carmel College

St.Helens Transformed through Landscape Fund

A large area of the borough's natural environment has been transformed as a result of the St. Helens Landscape Fund. The Fund was a Section 106... Read more about St.Helens Transformed through Landscape Fund