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Natural Health Service - Next Steps


The Natural Health Service has been developed to help combat growing health inequalities across the socially deprived areas, and deliver a cost effective sustainable health service. This aims to reduce the cycle of dependence, enabling us to lead long, active and fulfilling lives using our natural environment.

The Next Steps project will help to develop the Natural Health Service so that it will be in a place ready to be commissioned. GPs and other health commissioners will be able direct people who could benefit from activity programmes in the green environment to a suite of five products. The activities are health walking, Mindful Contact with Nature, Forest Schools, horticulture therapy and practical conservation such as Green Gym.


Funded by The Big Potential, part of the Big Lottery, this aims to improve the sustainability, capacity and scale of organisations in order that they may deliver greater social impact. It will be supported by Cogent Ventures and the work will include a market analysis, engagement with commissioners, supply chain management and development of the Natural Health Service website. Working with Liverpool John Moores University we engaged key decision makers in a Centre of Excellence Conference in May 2017.


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