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Our work - Learning, training and jobs

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trainingjobs.pngTrees and woodlands provide a setting for life-long learning including through volunteering and formal training towards jobs in the environmental sector. 

We work with the further education and training sectors and partners to encourage a wide range of opportunities for learning and skills development within The Mersey Forest, including through volunteering and training opportunities for those not in education or employment, especially young people. We also provide training to those involved in the funding, planting, use and management of trees and woodlands. Local employment is generated through woodland creation, through catering for visitors and the establishment of woodland business eg utilising timber. 

Learning, training and jobs projects:
Ombudsman service at Bioblitz event at Bold Forest Park

More from Trees - A Green Recovery through the Mersey Forest

The More from Trees - a Green Recovery through the Mersey Forest' project is an 18- month project led by the Mersey Forest and... Read more about More from Trees - A Green Recovery through the Mersey Forest

Forest school training programme

Our successful Forest School programme isn't just focused on children: we're also boosting the skills of teachers and other professionals as... Read more about Forest school training programme
Forestry jobs

Green Infrastructure Jobs Research

We worked with Liverpool Vision to commission an assessment of Green Infrastructure (GI) related jobs in the North West. The work has two... Read more about Green Infrastructure Jobs Research