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Liverpool BIDs Green Infrastructure Plan

Liverpool City Centre is one of the UK's leading retail areas, with a footfall of over 60 million. Green infrastructure is an important part of its future growth.

Maintaining and enhancing the City Centre experience, attracting more visits and increasing spend is crucial for the long-term growth and development of retail centres. The natural environment or "green infrastructure" can be overlooked, but it can be a key asset in helping to promote and enhance the image of commercial areas.


Liverpool BID were keen to explore how improved green infrastructure could help businesses to thrive. The Mersey Forest has carried out a survey of businesses and produced an initial action plan.


Elements of the plan are now being implemented through the 'Urban Green Up' project.


The survey of businesses provided overwhelming support for improving green
infrastructure in the Liverpool BID:

  • Over nine in ten businesses consulted (92%) were of the opinion that a green infrastructure would enhance the BID districts.
  • Almost seven in ten businesses (69%) stated that the greening of the two BID districts would be of benefit to their business. 

Related documents:
Liverpool BIDs - Green Infrastructure Action Plan Background
24 May 2017
The case for a Green Infrastructure approach within the two Liverpool Business Improvement Districts.
pdf iconView Liverpool BID Action Plan background.pdf Liverpool BID Action Plan background.pdf (1.64 MB)

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