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Ilchester Park

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  • Birch Avenue

Ilchester Park in Birkenhead has undergone a dramatic transformation. With a grant of £67,000 from the Veolia Environmental Trust through the Landfill Communities Fund, improvements were quickly made to this previously drab and uninspiring field. Tree planting, new pathways, wildflower meadows, and new natural play features, such as climbing logs and balance beams, were installed.


Celebration events have taken place annually in the park since 2013 to encourage greater use of and appreciation of the benefits of natural play. The Mersey Forest worked with the North Birkenhead Development Trust and Play Out to deliver the free play sessions. These sit alongside other sport play interventions in the park.


Birkenhead children continue to be given the opportunity to explore the changes at Ilchester Park with ongoing programmes of play helping them reconnect with their local green space and with nature.


Kath Shaw NBDT activity coordinator said: "It's great to see so many children enjoying the improved park space and appreciating the value of natural play in a green setting amongst all the new park trees."


Paul Taylor Executive Director of The Veolia Environmental Trust added, "It is clear that these play sessions are the shape of things to come for the park's young visitors."


  • Total investment £200,000
  • Over 60 trees planted
  • 350m of new paths
  • Natural play logs and stones
  • Wildflowers
  • Fully accessible space
  • Increased usage
  • Better connectivity



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