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St.Helens Transformed through Landscape Fund

  • Carmel College
  • Mill Brow
  • Jubilee Garden Legh Vale School
  • Jubilee Garden Legh Vale School
  • Mill Brow Sculpture

 A large area of the borough's natural environment has been transformed as a result of the St. Helens Landscape Fund.

The Fund was a Section 106 contribution of £210,000 provided by United Utilities as a result of the planning permission for the construction of the West-East Pipeline, which runs between Prescot and Bury. The fund has been managed by The Mersey Forest in partnership with St.Helens Council, St.Helens Chamber and United Utilities.

A wide variety of green projects, from schools to golf courses have benefited from this funding, leading to natural improvements covering an area of 140 hectares of land. 


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07 January 2016
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