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Trees for Climate

Trees for Climate is national tree planting programme, part of the Government's £500m Nature for Climate Fund, that is aiming to at least treble planting rates in England by the end of this Parliament (2024).
The Mersey Forest is one of twelve Community Forests across England delivering the programme locally as part of our work to transform landscapes and communities in and around towns and cities in the area.

Launched in November 2020, Trees for Climate is playing a significant part in the Government's commitment to address climate change and carbon mitigation through tree planting. The collective efforts of Community Forests across the country has seen 446 hectares of woodland planted in total across England in year one of the programme. When mature these trees will eventually store 125,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, helping to meet the Government's net zero by 2050 target.

The project has many other benefits for our communities such as helping to reduce flood risk, increasing sustainable UK grown timber, providing more places for nature and biodiversity to thrive, and increasing peoples' access to and enjoyment of woodland. The funding will also create new jobs and secure existing ones within the forestry and environmental sector, helping to boost local economies as part of a green recovery.

In year two of the programme The Mersey Forest Partnership is aiming to plant over 140 hectares of new woodland around Merseyside and North Cheshire, within urban parks and green spaces and on farmland. Every local council that forms part of The Mersey Forest Partnership has declared a climate emergency and this new planting will help contribute to local action.

The Mersey Forest's experienced team can provide advice and guidance on all aspects of tree planting to any landowners that would like to plant trees on their land. Any landowners with land suitable for tree planting should contact The Mersey Forest for further information.


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