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Green infrastructure planning and mapping

The Mersey Forest's multi-disciplinary team has a proven track record of delivering large- and small-scale green infrastructure studies for a range of public, private and voluntary sector clients - including the Liverpool City Region Green Infrastructure Framework. Our mapping method has been promoted by both Ordnance Survey and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. The approach is now being adopted elsewhere in the UK and Europe.



Green infrastructure to overcome development barriers (pinch points)

Pinch points are localised areas where investment for growth and/or redevelopment is planned but where specific issues ('pinches'), that may have green infrastructure solutions, manifest themselves most seriously.

Using the knowledge and data gathered from green infrastructure planning, a novel approach to identifying key areas for green infrastructure intervention has been developed. These interventions can tackle issues that impact negatively on the quality of areas, or on the ability for areas to regenerate. The Mersey Forest has extensive experience and capability in identifying the locations of pinch points, the specific issues, and the land management solutions that can be delivered to overcome them.



Economic and financial valuation of green infrastructure

What is the monetary value of green infrastructure benefits to your business and to society? What return could you expect on investment in green infrastructure?



GIS analysis, development and training

Do you have a question that begins with the word 'where'? If so, our geographic information system can almost certainly answer it. Or, if you prefer, we can provide you with the tools and training to answer it yourself.

Our GIS Coordinator, Tom Butlin, is an Esri Certified ArcGIS Desktop Professional



Web tools development, including interactive mapping

It's astonishing what can be done online these days, from interactive mapping to scientific modelling. The Mersey Forest has expertise in creating advanced web tools that can be used by anyone with access to the internet.



We have delivered projects across the UK and have extensive experience of working with European partners


Liverpool City Region Green Infrastructure Framework

The culmination of several years' study of the city region's green infrastructure

Client: Natural England, 2014
View report



Black Country Garden City Green Infrastructure Evidence Base

A natural capital baseline and pinch points analysis, both spatially articulated, for this fast-growing area

Client: Natural England (with eCountability, EcoRecord & Manchester City of Trees), 2017
View newsletter



Northwich Business Improvement District Green Infrastructure Plan

Focuses on interventions to increase footfall in the town centre

Client: Northwich BID, 2016
View report



Stockport Town Centre Urban Green Infrastructure Enhancement Strategy

Recommends some specific interventions based upon a detailed urban investigation

Client: Stockport Council (with MD² & Red Rose Forest), 2015
View report


STAR tools

Online tools for assessing the potential of green infrastructure in adapting urban areas to climate change

Client: The University of Manchester, 2011
View site



Wyre Green Infrastructure Strategy, Playing Pitch Strategy and Open Space Audit

A joint study providing evidence for the Local Plan

Client: Wyre Council (with TGP & MD²), 2015
View report


Wirral Waters Indicative Economic Assessment

A quantification and valuation of the proposed green infrastructure improvements

Client: Peel Holdings, 2011
View report


Ayrshire Future Forestry & Woodland Guidance

A spatial multi-criteria evaluation as evidence for a new woodland strategy

Client: Ayrshire Joint Planning Unit (with MD²), 2011
View report


Liverpool Green Infrastructure Strategy

A ground-breaking and much-imitated study

Client: Liverpool City Council and Liverpool Primary Care Trust, 2010
View report



Telford and Wrekin Local Green Infrastructure Needs Study

A tailor-made green infrastructure needs assessment for Telford and Wrekin

Client: Telford and Wrekin Council, 2013
View report


Weaver Valley Climate Change Action Plan

An in-depth look at potential adaptation and mitigation responses

Client: Weaver Valley Partnership, 2008
View report


Ayrshire Green Network Study

A green infrastructure plan for a large rural area

Client: Ayrshire Joint Planning Unit (with TGP & MD²), 2011
View report


Carlisle Green Infrastructure Strategy

A marriage of visionary and technical green infrastructure thinking

Client: Carlisle City Council (with Rebanks Consulting), 2011
View report



Green Infrastructure Solutions to Pinch Point Issues in Northwest England

A regional analysis of green infrastructure's role in sustainable development

Client: North West Development Agency, 2010
View report


Green Infrastructure to Combat Climate Change: A Framework for Action in Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and Merseyside

Evidence for policy and delivery on this crucial and long term agenda

Client: North West Development Agency, 2011
View report


Liverpool Knowledge Quarter green infrastructure mapping

Compares a masterplan with the existing arrangement of green infrastructure

Client: Liverpool Vision, 2010
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"We are really pleased with the outcome of the work, which I think has exceeded all of our expectations"
Dr Gina Cavan, The University of Manchester (STAR tools)

"The Mersey Forest's innovative GIS solutions helped us deliver an excellent finished product"
Clive Davies, MD2 (Ayrshire studies)

"A very thorough piece of research presented in an easy to digest way"
Ian Dale, former Programme Manager for Weaver Valley (Weaver Valley Climate Change Action Plan)