Support for researchers and students

The Mersey Forest Team has developed strong relationships with universities: their research informs our work and vice versa. We work with universities in a number of ways: giving lectures, working on research projects alongside academics, contributing to and co-funding theses, hosting placements, employing recent graduates, evaluating our projects, authoring academic papers, and presenting at conferences.


The Mersey Forest team is often asked for support and we are happy to assist researchers and students where we can, whether that's at A-level, degree, post graduate or beyond. In the first instance, please take a look at our Library page and the Green Infrastructure North West website. Both are regularly updated and contain academic papers, reports and other documents which may be of interest. 


If you still can't find what you're looking for, please email with your request. Please include a short summary of your research and the name and e-mail address of your supervisor/dissertation tutor. 

In return we would expect: 

  • An email to acknowledge any information we send to you; 
  • A reference in the final report of the involvement of The Mersey Forest; 
  • A digital copy of the final report. 


More support