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Colliers Moss

It's just thirty years since the colliery headgear came crashing down at Bold Colliery. Situated right next to a power station, this was one of the most industrial sites in the country. Now, nature has taken over and it's transformed into a tranquil green space with woods, lagoons and more.

Colliers Moss was created on the spoil and waste from the Bold Colliery and Power Station. It's a beautiful and peaceful place to explore as well as an important habitat for wildlife. The widespread network of paths ensures good access for walkers, cyclists and horseriders.


The remnants of mossland around the fringes of the site have been restored and areas of sphagnum moss are expanding. The site supports a range of notable species including water vole, common lizard and 16 species of dragonfly including Blacktailed Skimmer and Emperor.


There have been lots of improvements on Colliers Moss in recent times and it's now a great place to walk around and marvel at the power of nature (and the hard work of both environmental specialists and a host of volunteers) in transforming this once barren landscape.

Getting there

Our map shows the main entrances to the site, and details of bus and train routes.



Site map

You can download our map of the Moss and the footpath network, which includes features of interest and two suggested walking trails.


More things to do