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The URBAN GreenUP walk across Liverpool

Take a stroll across Liverpool and learn how nature-based solutions are making the city more resilient to flooding and a changing climate.

Liverpool has been awarded nearly £3.5million of European funding to tackle issues such as flooding, climate change and health and wellbeing through 'nature based solutions'. The scheme is called Urban GreenUP and is being created by Liverpool City Council, together with The Mersey Forest and the University of Liverpool.

Work will include planting trees, introducing green walls to the city centre and sustainable urban drainage systems. It will also create green corridors, improving pedestrian routes in and out of the city – including along this lovely three mile walk from Princes Park down to Otterspool Promenade.

Route map

Route instructions

1) Start at the entrance to Princes Park on Princes Road – but take a look back up the boulevard of Princes Avenue. New pedestrian and cycling paths down the central reservation will link the green corridor you're about to walk into the city centre.

2) Enter Princes Park and walk straight on, keeping left when the path forks. 

3) Exit the park through the bollards, walk down the road ahead of you and take the first left on to Windermere Terrace.

4) At the junction, turn right onto Aigburth Drive. 

5) Cross Aigburth Drive, bear left and enter Sefton Park through the bollards, passing Sefton Park Obelisk. Continue straight on.

6) When you reach the area in front of the Oasis cafe where many paths meet, bear right toward the statue of Eros and continue along the path, keeping the water to your left. The ornamental pond here is actually part of the Lower Brook, tributory of the long-forgotten and now hidden River Jordan – there's a great blog post about these waterways lost beneath our feet.

7) Where the path forks, bare right and continue straight on. Walk past the stepping stones and follow the path on, then bare left to walk along the lake edge.

8) At the southern end of the lake, turn right and head out towards the busy main road, crossing over and heading down Aigurth Drive away from the park. 

9) At the end of the road, turn left along Aigburth Road. When you see the subway pass through it so you're on the opposite side of the Aigburth Road carriageway. Turn left out of the subway towards Jericho Lane. There will be more pedestrian improvements at the junction of Jericho Lane and Aigburth Road. 

10) Turn right down Jericho Lane, cross over and enter Otterspool Park through the gates, passing through the bollards. Continue straight on through the park following the main pathway. There will be a number of URBAN GreenUP nature-based-improvements to Otterspool Park to reduce flood risk through drainage and improved planting. You're walking the approximate route of the River Jordan, so it's liable to get wet here! 

11) Pass under the railway bridge and keep straight on until you reach Otterspool Promenade, where there are plans afoot for orchard planting. 

Read more about URBAN GreenUP

Positions of proposed improvements on the map are approximate

Proposed improvements to Princes Avenue boulevard

The proposed improvements to Princes Avenue boulevard, funded through the Liverpool City Region's Sustainable Transport Enhancement Package (STEP)