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Trans Pennine Trail Ainsdale to Maghull

6.4 miles / 10.3 km
2h 00m
Junction of Liverpool Road and Moor Lane, Ainsdale
Level, well surfaced paths

Trans Pennine Trail Office: 01226 772574

The Trans Pennine Trail is a coast-to-coast route across the entire breadth of England from Southport to Hornsea. It is well signposted and some sections, including this one, are suitable for horse riding. This section follows the route of the historic Cheshire Lines railway, now dismantled. The Cheshire Lines Railway Company used to operate services across the Lancashire Mossland along this route between Liverpool and Southport. After its closure in 1952 and acquisition by West Lancashire District Council in 1988 the line was constructed as a dual use cycle and footpath with parallel bridleway.

  1. Ride along Moor Lane from the junction with Liverpool Road in Ainsdale towards the caravan site.

  2. Follow the lane as it becomes Plex Moss Lane and borders three sides of a square.

  3. Turn right on to a track beyond Burrough's Wood.

  4. Bear right at the junction of tracks.

  5. Turn left at the end of the metalled road on to the route of the dismantled Cheshire Lines railway.

  6. Cross Moss Lane.

  7. Where the path diverges, take the right-hand fork.

  8. Cross Wood Lane.

  9. Cross Carr Lane.

  10. Cross a track.

  11. Cross another track.

  12. Finish at Maghull Brook, where there is a track leading to Green Lane.