Carey Park & Witton Mill

2.2 miles / 3.5 km
1h 00m
Cumberland public car park, Leicester Street, Northwich
OS Explorer 267 Northwich & Delamere Forest
Well surfaced paths & tracks
Two kissing gates
Category 5 Explain
Town centre

Marbury Country Park: 01606 77741

The majority of this countryside is on reclaimed derelict land that now boasts a diverse array of natural habitats. The flora and fauna is influenced by this industrial heritage with many rare and unusual species thriving on this legacy.

Carey Park acts as a green link between the main urban area and the rest of Northwich Woodlands and great views can be had of the surrounding area from the higher parts of the site.

The park is joined to Anderton Nature Park by Carden's Ferry Bridge. Anderton Nature Park was one of the first areas to be reclaimed and features wildflowers thriving on the lime rich soil (a result of industry).

Witton Mill Woods offer some cool shade before entering Witton Mill Meadow, a fantastic waterside habitat. In the spring, look out for the bluebells and listen for the calls of the reed warblers. In summer, be amazed by the dragonflies and butterflies buzzing around the wildflowers.


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  1. From the Leicester Street car park, head towards the exit and turn right on to a path. At the next junction head straight on, signposted Marbury Lane & The Flashes.

  2. As the track opens out, turn left (signposted Carden's Ferry Bridge & Anderton Nature Park) and skirt the woodland edge.

  3. Continue straight on, following the track round to the left.

  4. Turn right, crossing Carden's Ferry Bridge into Anderton Nature Park.

  5. Turn right after the bridge and follow the edge of Witton Brook.

  6. Cross a small stream and continue forward alongside the brook.

  7. Turn right to reach the road.

  8. Turn right and walk briefly along the road.

  9. Turn right on the footpath entering Witton Mill Woods. Emerge from the woodland to continue forward alongside the brook across Witton Mill Meadow, crossing the car park at the far end.

  10. Turn right on to Old Warrington Road and cross Witton Mill Bridge.

  11. Turn right on to a footpath immediately after the bridge.

  12. Turn right at the road, then left when you reach point 2 again, to return to the car park.