Broomheath Plantation

Level but unsurfaced paths.

Broomheath Plantation: 01606 43582

In June 2006 the Broomheath Plantation company bought a 20 acre wheat field in Bruen Stapleford near Tarvin in Cheshire. The wheat was harvested, the land was seeded with conservation grass seed and then fenced and gated. On 28th January 2007, nearly 300 Scouts, leaders and parents took part in celebrations to plant 2000 trees in one day to commemorate the centenary of Scouting. One hectare of the plantation has been set aside for these trees and is marked along the permissive pathway by two oak posts.

Christmas trees are grown for sale on the site, but there's also a focus on conservation. Owls have reared chicks in boxes installed specially for their use, spotted flycatchers have formed a resident population, and black poplar and an orchard of native Cheshire cultivar apples have been planted. 

Photo © Martin Mecnarowski [CC-BY-SA-3.0]