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Sefton Meadows

Picnic area off Netherton Lane
Most paths are level, but whilst some are well surfaced, others are not.

Forestry Commission: 01606 882 167

The Jubilee Wood at Sefton Meadows (a former landfill site) is a 51 hectare site which has been planted in Scots pine, Corsican pine, larch, ash, rowan, willow, birch, hawthorn, guelder rose and dog rose. A path, partly hard surfaced and partly mown, has been created in the shape of a barn owl through an area of 3.1 hectares, and a 3.5 metre high sculpture of a barn owl has been carved for this site in Birchover sandstone to represent the barn owls that have nested near the Sefton Meadows site. The barn owl was chosen by local school children as the symbol of the wood.

The nearby Rose Farm estate is a wilder area with wetlands attracting rare bird species and bird watching enthusiasts. Trees in Roughley's Wood (which is part of the estate) and Jubilee Wood are available to be dedicated as part of Community Forest Trust's Dedicate a Tree scheme. Click here for more details.

The Trans Pennine Trail also runs through the forest park, so stop off if you're on a longer expedition for a look around!

Click here to discover a route around the site.

Photo © Mike Pennington