Shop Road Wood (Knowsley Village Recreation Ground)

Community building (open only for organised activities), play facilities, multi-use games area
Informal unsurfaced paths only
Knowsley Council: 0151 489 6000
Knowsley Village Recreation Ground, the main public park for the Village, lies within the Knowsley Village Conservation Area and is an important feature of the Village centre. The recreation ground appears on maps as early as 1908 and had a historical use for cricket. Today the ground's main use is as a football playing pitch, with formal play facilities and a multi-use games area and community building. The park contains some fine old tree specimens, mainly Horse Chestnuts, around its boundary.

The park adjoins a small community woodland known as Shop Road Woods. The woodland provides a natural play space to complement the play facilities and open space in the adjoining Park. It appears, however, to be much old than the park, with a triangular piece of established woodland being evident on 1893 maps, and possibly as early as 1850. At this time, the woodland was simply a natural feature surrounded by agricultural land before present day Knowsley Village was developed.

Located centrally in the Village, the Park lies adjacent to the village shops and local pub. It also has strong linkages with wider walking routes and the network of other community woodlands in around the Village, making it an ideal starting point for exploring the local area.