What is The Mersey Forest?

The Mersey Forest is a growing network of woodlands and green spaces across Cheshire and Merseyside, which has been creating 'woodlands on your doorstep' for over 25 years.

Through community and partnership working The Mersey Forest Partnership has planted more than 9 million trees – equivalent to five new trees for every person living within the Forest area. Praised as a "visionary concept", our 'more from trees' approach brings a whole host of environmental, health and economic benefits.

One of England's Community Forests

Our story starts back in the early 1990s, when Merseyside and North Cheshire – a 500 square mile area – was chosen to be part of a new long-term tree planting programme called a Community Forest.

Since then, England's Community Forests have been transforming the landscapes and communities in and around our largest towns and cities. These thirteen organisations (supported by partners from the public, private and voluntary sectors, and of course, local communities themselves) bring trees and people together to create healthy, inspiring resilient places for humans and nature to live, side by side.

England's Community Forests are innovative and adaptive, and are ready to help shape a future where trees and woodlands are an even greater priority for us all.

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