Bidston Moss

Some level and well surfaced paths, others steep and unsurfaced.

Forestry Commission: 01606 882167

Bidston Moss has been transformed into a thriving community woodland. Features include the newly renovated fishing lake which, with its new 'recycled' boardwalks and fishing pegs is welcoming local residents and schools for informal fishing and educational events. New cycle routes (including a 2km parameter trail) link with the existing National Cycle Network. Bidston Moss is now a venue for many sporting events, from traditional cycling to the more unusual pursuit of Nordik Skiiing (which is suited to the steep terrain of Bidston's 'mound').

The site is now even more accessible for local communities, thanks to the addition of the footbridge over the mainline railway, whilst one of the main entrances to Bidston Moss remains within the Mersey Waste Disposal Authority plant, meaning that it has become an integral part of the Authority's educational and community programme.

Bidston Moss remains popular with local people for informal use like dog walking, exercise and family days out (the site is one of the few with views to the coast, which makes it a popular choice for many. However, a number of community events have been held on site including fun runs and family open days. These have helped to introduce local people to their new community woodland.

In 2007, Bidston Moss became the home for the world's first Green Billboard. This is a living structure of willow trees stretching over 20 metres, onto which a message board is mounted. Located on the edge of the site and close to a main road, the billboard is a great way to promote an environmental message, and raise awareness of Bidston Moss at the same time.

Photo © McCoy Wynne