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Griffin Wood

Mostly level, well surfaced paths.

The Mersey Forest CCI Officer: 01925 816217

This twelve hectare site is owned by Community Forest Trust, a charitable trust that supports the work of The Mersey Forest. In 2006 it was just an empty field with a scrap of ancient woodland in one corner, but now it's well on the way to being transformed into a beautiful new woodland for the community.

In the second half of 2006 The Mersey Forest Team worked with the local community of south St Helens to plan the creation of the new community woodland. A community consultation was carried out in order to incorporate the ideas of people from the local area into the woodland design.

The consultation was a wide-ranging and well-received project involving partnerships with local community centres and libraries, public open days at the site, and new technologies such as a dedicated blogspot for the woodland.

Griffin Wood was then planted in early 2007, with the participation of local people at community tree planting days. The Friends of Griffin Wood group was formed in April 2007.

The woodland will encourage wildlife to the area and complement the existing cluster of open access woodlands nearby, as well as helping to communicate a positive image of St Helens as a whole.

A network of all-access paths has recently be created across the site, and in the spring and summer the whole site is a riot of colour as the wildflowers take advantage of the young trees to form a meadow. Griffin Wood is part of Bold Forest Park. Trees at Griffin Wood can be dedicated to loved ones through the Dedicate a Tree scheme. Click here for more information.

To find out how to get involved, click here.